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Need for Conservation


Deforestation for agricultural crops in central western Mexico   The growing human population is continuously increasing the stress on forests for wood products, including fuel for cooking and heating. Land is being cleared for agriculture, fuelwood, and urbanization. These practices are endangering forest genetic resources around the world. Many of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems are found in the tropics and subtropics, often in developing countries where pressure on the land is great and financial resources to protect the environment are limiting.
Many forests are disappearing quickly due to agricultural pressures similar to this scene in central western Mexico.
Therefore, protecting these valuable resources in situ (on site) is an ongoing challenge for conservation organizations. Establishing a representative portion of the gene base at a new location where it can be protected ex situ (off site) has also proven to be very effective. Additionally, ex situ conservation allows for the possible reintroduction of the species or population into the original area once local environmental concerns have been addressed. Erosion in Colombia from overharvesting and grazing
Erosion in Colombia due to overharvesting and grazing.